MYHR CVS is an online employee portal of CVS Health. CVS Health, formerly known as The Consumer Value Store was established in the year 1963. CVS health Corporation is a famous retail pharmacy and health care company in U.S. The headquarters of CVS health Corporation is located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. In 1964 the first store of CVS health corporation was opened. In 2014 the company was renamed as CVS Health which includes assets CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, CVS Speciality and retail clinic MinuteClinic. Now CVS Health has around 9600 stores in U.S. More than 50000 employees are woking for CVS Health. is an employee login portal provided for the current and former employees of the CVS health.

Myhr CVS portal provides special health and pharamy benefits to the CVS employees. It also provides top quality services to the residents of United states. The CVS Health employees have access their individual login accounts and they can access their benefits from Myhr CVS website. Myhr CVS provides many advantages to the people who are having their CVS learnet login accounts. properly maintain payroll reports of CVS Employees so that it can helps to check the employee profile to give CVS health benefits. Each and Every Employee of CVS are having unique Id to login myhrcvs portal. The main object of Myhr Portal is to help employees to manage their schedules and payroll reports and to provide them healthcare benefits.


MYHR CVS Login : is the official portal that is delivered by Alight Solutions for CVS Health employee purposes. The HR team of CVS Health may easily with all the employees of the organization with this portal.

  • This is the portal for current and former CVS health and MinuteClinic colleagues.
  • The health organization provide user id and password for the colleagues.
  • The employees may later change their password.
  • The official portal can be available at
  • By providing the user id and password, employees can easily login to the portal and can access the dashboard.

MYHR CVS Employee Login – Login :

The CVS Employees have access to login into their individual accounts of at any time. Employees are able to find reports on their HR and payroll information. They are also able to find reports on their vouchers, payroll data, earnings etc. To improve employee skills MyhrCVS learnet also provides access to the trainings and databases to the employees. Myhr CVS online portal is special portal for only CVS Health and MinuteClinic Employees. Both current and former employees of these two sectors are able to login and use this portal. Myhr CVS gives major preference to the safety. Every time when the employee wants to login into the portal always suggests safety measures to the employees. It suggest to keep proper unique password and remembers about the fraudulent sites.

This is because if an employee not securely enter into the Myhrcvs portal it may leads to third person gets information about the database and all other HR and payroll information. So Employee must need to follow the proper instructions given by while login into their individual accounts. Employees are directly able to use their credit cards to buy medicines in the CVS locations and make as their platform to directly deposit their money. Employees are not only use MyhrCVS during working period but also they are able to use this platform for whole life. Hence this is the major advantage of MyhrCVS portal.

MYHR CVS Learnet – :

Whenever employee wants to know about his or her payroll or any other HR details he or she is able to login with their personal unique id and get the information at anytime. Myhr CVS portal is also used by MinuteClinic employees. MinuteClinic is an integral part of CVR health. It offers health benefits to the people who are suffering with fever, minor accident cases, coughing and minor surgeries. CVS Health also provide pharmacy representative offices in almost all locations of U.S. The employees who are working in these sectors has an access to use Myhr CVS portal to keep and verify their records.

MyhrCVS learnet is the best area to grow the employee skills. Once an employee gets login into his Myhr CVS learnet profile he is able to get training modules to improve his skills. Hence helps to employees to improve their knowledge about CVS health. Myhr CVS helps the employees to grow professionally. By using Myhr CVS it is very easy to get information about pharmacy and health details. People who wants to get information about the CVS they can directly call to the toll free numbers given in the portal. This is the reason why many people in U.S. utilize the services of CVS Health.

The official portal of myhr cvs can be accessible at